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Use this yarn conversion chart only as a guide and I suggest you test with a gauge swatch/tension square for more accurate results. This yarn conversion chart is also useful if you have a pattern that lists a yarn that has a different country measurement scale and you need to convert yarn from one country to another.
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When you talk about a yarn’s “weight,” it has little to do with how heavy a yarn is but rather how thick a strand of the yarn is. When purchasing yarn online, from a catalog, or in a store, check the product description or the yarn label for the weight.
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With a normal crochet YO, you place the hook underneath the yarn strand and then hook the yarn from below. With a yarn under (YU), you put the hook over the yarn strand and then hook the yarn from above. Here’s how they look, if you’re right-handed:
Aug 17, 2017 · Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc). The front post double crochet is worked just like a regular double crochet. But instead of working the stitch into the top of the stitch from the previous row, the stitch is made by inserting the hook around the post of the previous row’s stitch from front to back. Jan 17, 2014 · This Double Crochet flower is very similar to my previous free flower pattern, the Triple Crochet Flower. The petals are slightly smaller and less full. The petals are slightly smaller and less full. Sewing the flower petals together to form your flower is a little tricky at first.
The Craft Yarn Council creates and sets yarn standard on commonly used gauges and needle/hook sizes. Now you can easily find the right yarn size for your project based on gauge. This helpful chart also allows you to compare different yarns weights. Just because a pattern states what yarn it used, doesn't mean you have to choose that yarn.
To work double stranded crochet, you simply need to take two strands of yarn and hold them together as one. That means when you make your slip knot, you're going to have two loops on the hook. When you yarn over, you'll pass both strands of the working yarn over the hook and pull through that double loop.I used single strand worsted weight yarn, about half a skein of the Vanna's choices yarn. I made this to fit a head circumfrence of 21"-22" inches It is written in US crochet terms:-always slst to join-with each sc round start with ch 1-with each dc rounds start with ch 3 With any worst weight yarn and a "H" hook
Yarn: Size 3 sport/baby yarn Size 2 or Thinner Size 3 sport/baby yarn (like “I Love This Yarn”) Size F crochet hook Size B or C crochet hook Hint: When doing a dc, if you put your crochet hook through both loops of the dc below, or through the space under a ch-1, both sides of the prayer cloth will look the same. Chain 19 Starting at sleeve ch 80 to measure about 16½ inches, draw up a ¼ inch loop in 2nd st from hook, draw up ¼ inch loop in each remaining st of ch (80 loops on hook), attach another ball of yarn and working with double strand of yarn work back by drawing yarn through 1st loop, * yarn over and draw through 2 loops, repeat from * across row.
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